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UC San Diego faculty recruitments, including those at the School of Medicine, are listed on UC San Diego Recruit.

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Division Chiefs

  • Chief of Pediatric Nephrology Associate or Full Professor (Clinical X - #JPF03564) (Ladder/In-Residence - #JPF03563)
  • Chief of Pediatric Hospital Medicine (#JPF03562) Associate or Full Professor (HS Clin, Clin X, In-Residence, Adjunct)
  • Division Chief of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine (#JPF03729) Associate or Full Professor (HS Clinical, Clin X)
  • Division Chief of Pediatric Endocrinology (HS Clinical, Clinical X, In-Residence - #JPF03764) (Ladder/In-Residence - #JPF03763)

Academic Physicians, Physician-Scientists, and Research Faculty

Project Scientists

No current openings.

MSP Physicians

Business Office Staff