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Research Divisions & Labs

​The Department of Pediatrics at UCSD is one of the nation's premier Departments devoted to improving the understanding of disease pathogenesis in ​order to better diagnose, treat and prevent diseases in infants and children. Research efforts include basic and clinical science in various fields spanning the whole range of maladies. Another important goal in the Department is to build and foster the development of the next generation of research leaders in Pediatric Medicine. There has been no better time for research and training in Pediatrics than what is currently and what we predict it will be in the next decade!

Division Division Chief Affiliated Labs/Programs

Janine Young, MD

Center for Community Health
Allergy-Immunology-Rheumatology Hal Hoffman, M.D.  Aceves Lab 
Burns Lab/Kawasaki Disease
Croker Lab 
Hoffman Lab 
Cardiology Christopher Davis, M.D., Ph.D.  (Interim) Kawasaki Disease
Research Center

Grossfeld Lab
Environmental Science & Health (previously known as Dysmorphology & Teratology) Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH  Mother to Baby CA 
Center for Maternal and Infant Health
Southern California NOFAS 
Endocrinology Michael Gottschalk, M.D., Ph.D.  Gaulton Lab  
Pediatrics Diabetes Research Center
Sander Lab 
Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition D. Brent Polk, M.D.  

Bode Lab 
Boutelle Lab 
Feldstein Lab
Schwimmer Lab

Genetics Tariq Rana, Ph.D. 

Barshop Lab 
Bansal Lab 
Cherqui Lab
Muotri Lab
Rana Lab 
Genome Information Sciences Kelly Frazer Ph.D.  Bansal Lab
Sahoo Lab
Hematology-Oncology William D. Roberts, M.D.  Jing Yang Lab 
Yu Lab
Zage Lab
Joshi Lab
Host-Microbes and Systems Therapeutics Victor Nizet, M.D. Nizet Lab 
A. Chavez Lab 
Akong Lab 
Knight Lab 
Lewis Lab 
Rivera-Chavez Lab
Winzeler Lab 
Zengler Lab 
Infectious Diseases George Liu, M.D.  Spector Lab
Neonatology Karen Mestan, M.D.  Mestan Lab 
Nigam Lab
Nephrology Robert Mak, M.D., Ph.D.  Mak Lab
Respiratory Medicine Kelan Tantisira, M.D., M.P.H.  Haddad Lab
Quinton Lab
Sun Lab 
Wildonger Lab