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Women in Pediatrics

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The Women in Pediatrics (WIP) group was formed to promote gender equity and provide professional development, mentoring, and sharing of experiences between faculty, clinicians, researchers, fellows and residents in the UCSD Department of Pediatrics. Our goal is to promote a sense of community between women (and men!) in the Department of Pediatrics through periodic discussions, networking events, and information sharing.

Our Mission

We are proud to:

  • Foster an inclusive environment for mentoring, support, and advocacy
  • Promote academic productivity, career development, leadership, and advancement
  • Engage faculty members in Pediatrics through networking and an exchange of ideas, with an emphasis on whole health, well-being, and balance
  • Support service to the University and the local, national, and global community

Our History

The WIP Taskforce was initiated in 2013 by Dr. Gabriel Haddad to address disparities in the 2011 UCSD Climate Survey that found women reporting lower scores than men on a variety of professional, departmental and career benchmarks. Dr. Sheila Gahanan was the inaugural taskforce chair, followed by Dr. Kay Rhee from 2016-2019. Currently, WIP is chaired by Dr. Beth Printz.

Dr. Beth Printz


Dr. Kay Rhee


Dr. Sheila Gahagan


News & Upcoming events

Women in Medicine Summit – September 24-25, 2021
During the two-day summit, a consensus driven agenda focuses on ways to close the gender gap in healthcare. Breakout sessions and presentations are led by diverse individuals from various specialties and institutions with a purpose of delivering evidence-based talks and tools and solutions to be utilized in working towards fixing the system and closing the gender gap across all specialties in medicine.  We want to empower women in medicine with the tools they need to change the system at their home institutions and in their specialty specific organizations, and empower their male colleagues to be allies and champions for change. 

Strong diversity equity and inclusion programming is a necessity, and the last year has shown how important it is to focus on this type of continuing education.  We  know that championing women will benefit all of us, and we would love to see you virtually at the conference and in person at the networking event. Visit the WIMS website  for more information. 

Early Autumn Explorations – October 1, 2020
Join in a conversation with UCSD’s Dr. Linda Brubaker about her JAMA article, ‘Women physicians and the COVID-19 pandemic’. Contact Jemille Maog for Zoom information.    

Spring Sips and Reflections – In our unusual year, about 30 of us through Women in Pediatrics, the Pediatrics department wellness director Dr. Ami Doshi, and the Pediatrics department Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee under Dr. Kay Rhee came together on April 30 via Zoom for a conversation about what we were facing at the time as pediatricians, women, colleagues, friends, wives, daughters and mothers.  


List of Past WIP Events

Starting in Spring 2014, there has been at least one annual event sponsored by the Women in Pediatrics, including dinner events and lunchtime workshops and discussions.
  • Spring 2014: Inaugural social event at home of Dr. Marilyn Jones
  • Fall 2014: All-Faculty Retreat, not specific to women’s issues; included discussion of need for mentoring, career development
  • Winter and summer 2015: Social events at home of Dr. Marilyn Jones, ‘“Mapping your Developmental Network at Work”
  • Fall 2015: Lunch presentation and workshop on work-life balance led by Dr. Sheila Gahagan and Dr. Kay Rhee, networking for mentoring and collaboration (at Rady Children’s)
  • Spring 2016: Lunch Workshop presented by UCSD Center for Mindfulness, "Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindful Self Compassion for Work/Life Balance" (included mindful guided practice (experiential)
  • Fall 2016: Mentoring talk by Dr. Sherry Huang with Speed Dating/Networking activity
  • Spring 2017: Social event at home of Dr Cindy Kuelbs, Agenda/Topic: TED talk + discussion, “The Secret to Better Work” First time offered child care at WIP event!
  • Fall 2017: Lunch workshop: “What makes a competent leader: Tips for successful leadership” (Dr. Kay Rhee)
  • Spring 2018: Lunch discussion led by Shannon Sloan: Promotion process in Pediatrics
  • Fall 2018: Social event at home of Dr. Keri Carstairs, “Effective Communication Skills and Strategies” (Lauren Bergquist, facilitator, Rady Children’s Foundation)

Helpful Resources

How to Get Involved

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