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About the Pediatric Division of Environmental Science & Health

Under the leadership of Dr. Christina Chambers, a perinatal epidemiologist, the Center for Better Beginnings in the Division of Envriomental Science & Health is actively involved in research, clinical services, training and education, and public policy in the field of the diagnosis and prevention of adverse pregnancy outcomes and birth defects resulting from environmental exposures. For more information about us, visit the Center for Better Beginnings website.


The Center brings together multiple collaborative clinical and epidemiological research activities with the common theme of identification, prevention, and treatment of environmental causes of adverse perinatal outcomes. These activities are local, national, and international in scope.

Clinical Services

Dr. Jones provides diagnostic services and long-term follow-up of children with birth defects throughout San Diego County and in Tijuana, Mexico. In addition, the Center is home to MotherToBaby California, a teratogen counseling and education service for pregnant and lactating women and healthcare providers throughout California.

Training and Education

Dr. Chambers maintain a strong commitment to teaching at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels, and participate in many programs for trainees in the areas of pediatrics, dysmorphology, teratology, genetics, epidemiology, and behavioral health. In addition, programs in the Center provide training and education in the community on the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure.

Public Policy

Dr. Chambers is involved in efforts to improve policies regarding medication safety during pregnancy, both in California and at the federal level.