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Core Facilities


Core Bio Services offers high quality biotech products and services at competitive prices to the campus research community. We have been proudly serving UCSD and the biotech community since 1970.

We stock:

  • restriction enzymes
  • modifying enzymes
  • transformation and transfection products
  • growth factors
  • ultrapure reagents
  • DNA sequencing

We also provide secure liquid nitrogen storage  for cell lines and biologicals. We store ampules for many UCSD investigators and local firms in our tanks.



The Biomedical Genomics laboratory (BIOGEM)  is a genomics facility located in the Department of Medicine at UCSD

  • Several commercial microarray platforms and second (next-gen) generation sequencing technology.
  • RNA sample analysis and quantification services.
  • Process commercial array platforms including Illumina and Agilent.
  • Image scanning and data analysis services.

Presently BIOGEM has 3 Illumina 1G Analyzer instruments and supports a variety of sequencing assays including DNA-sequencing, digital gene expression, small RNA sequencing, chIP-sequencing and bisulfite sequencing.


Light Microscopy Facility

The School of Medicine, in conjunction with the UCSD Neuroscience Microscopy Shared Facility and the UCSD Moores Cancer Center Digital Imaging Facility , sponsors and maintains a state of the art Light Microscopy Facility that is available to UCSD Investigators on a recharge basis. The facility is located in the basement of the Cellular and Molecular Medicine-East (CMM-East) building.

Light Microscopy Facility

Laboratory Support Services (LSS)

We support UCSD's vast research efforts by providing high quality professional glasswash and autoclave services at a reasonable price.

Laboratory Support Services

CFAR Genomics Core 

  1. Validation of gene expression data using real-time quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) technology
  2. TaqMan, Amplifluor and SYBRGreen).
  3. Bioinformatics analysis of microarray gene expression data.
  4. Phylogenetic analysis of virus sequence data.
Laboratory Support Services (LSS)

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