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Innovative Quality Improvement Research in Residency (INQUIRY) Program

All residents will receive training in quality improvement during the intern year at an Intern block education session. If a residents choose to do  a QI project for their Resident Academic Project (RAP), they will receive further training and mentorship through the INQUIRY program.

INQUIRY program graduate

Some recent QI projects from our residents:

Current Residents Projects 
Sana Patel Inpatient referrals to AI clinic for identified penicillin allergy
Kimmy Sherer Implementing orderset for obesity management in primary care setting
Emily Georges Transfer to adult care for IBD patients
Missy Tygart ED algorithm for abuse management and referrals
Prior Residents Projects 
Jessica Mattox Reducing CLABSI in homecare patients to reducing harms in this vulnerable population
Patrick Passarelli, Grant Meyer, Hannah Wangberg, and Conor Holton-Burke Pancreatitis Order set
Tara Fleming, Maggie Kozman, and Aimee Anselm Increasing referral to allergy/immunology for identified penicillin allergy patients at a primary care clinic
Danielle Munce Improving resident knowledge and confidence with the Transition of Care guidelines with plans for implementation of transition algorithm for pulmonary patients
Tyler Brobst and Sejal Parekh Implementation of a Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) questionnaire in the pediatric primary care setting
Kimmy Vuong and Kirsten Garcia Improving the Hospital Admission Process and Streamlining Access to Resources for Residents
Kyu Kim Sepsis pathway  in the Emergency department 
Janice Nguyen and Matt Wieler Social health screening: improving screening for high risk behaviors and appropriate referrals. 
Farhan Murshed  ED anaphylaxis pathway review and updates
Lauren Covert Improving HPV vaccination in primary care clinics by use of new app
Erika Allred Improving primary care visits/WCC and vaccinations for renal transplant patients
Crystal Doan and Jonathan Reiss Maternal postpartum depression screening
Sarah Schneider and Linda Nguyen Lumbar puncture orderset and template
Mashette Syrkin-Nikolau Tracking referrals to PT for neuropathy post Vincristine use
Jennifer Yang Improving  EHR based handoff for neurology service
Pavika Varma and Drew Barber Discharge Med Rec
Briittany Lyons and Vera Lyubasyuk Decreasing Urine Culture Testing in a Pediatric Emergency Department (JOINT PROJECT)
Ashley Martinez Proper developmental History and referrals in inpatient setting (JOINT PROJECT)
Nicky Herrick Transition of care toolkit for congenital heart disease patients
Solomon Greenberg Hemophilia Transitions