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We believe that well-being does not mean a mandatory 30-minute yoga session over conference. Residency is full of challenges, and we are committed to supporting our residents by allowing them the time and flexibility to do things that are important outside of work! We also understand the importance of being able to connect to a therapist, physician, and dentist, as well as the importance of childcare and furry family care (veterinary care). We have several built-in policies and procedures to help ensure that you can still prioritize taking care of yourself while taking care of your patients in residency. 

Resident Well-Being Coalition

Composed of residents, chief residents, and assistant program director Dr. Ami Doshi, this group focuses on the well-being of our residents. Our coalition organizes and secures funding for group resident activities outside of the hospital, including kayaking, healthy cooking classes, movie nights, and outings to Padres baseball games!

Health Hours

Each resident is allowed one half-day off per two-week elective block to accomplish necessary personal matters needed for their well-being. This can include going to the doctor or dentist, or even just spending some needed time with a loved one. Health hours are arranged by the Chief Residents who maintain resident confidentiality by not requiring residents to disclose the specific reason why they need time off. 

UCSD Healer Education and Assessment & Referral (HEAR) Program

This program, tailored specifically to trainees and healthcare workers, offers confidential and anonymous online screening for stress and depression. After screening is complete, the program provides recommendations regarding next steps, which can include further evaluation or follow up. 
At the beginning of the year, all interns are scheduled for an initial visit with a licensed mental health provider to reduce any future barriers to participating in the HEAR program. It is up to each individual whether to continue using the HEAR program services, but we believe it is beneficial to establish contact before it may be needed.
UCSD Program Counselor phone number (available during business hours): 858-657-6795 or 858-657-6799

Well-Being Fund

A generous fund exists to help support residents connect with one another outside of the hospital, whether it is seeing a movie together, renting kayaks in La Jolla Cove, purchasing passes to one of the many museums at Balboa Park, or any other opportunity to bond and connect! Residents are encouraged to pitch their ideas to the Chief Residents for approval and are then reimbursed for these outings. 

Well-Being Snacks

The resident work rooms at Rady’s are stocked with individually wrapped food items by the Chief Residents every two weeks. We also keep the main 2 Rose work room stocked with coffee at all times! 

Social Well-Being

UCSD Peds Residents group photo at retreat
UCSD Peds Residents Holiday Gathering group photo

Annual Class Retreats:

Residents receive funding and protected time off each year to gather and prepare for the upcoming academic year. In prior years, residents have rented a house on the beach, a cabin in Julian, and a house in Temecula. 

Residency Holiday Party:

The program funds and provides protected time off for all residents to attend the annual holiday party each winter!

Other Socials:

  • Mid-year chief brunch
  • San Diego House Staff Association quarterly happy hour
  • Pediatricians and Community Collaborating Together (PACCT) Events
  • Film nights, theater nights, and other events

Emotional Well-Being

In Case of Emergency
  • If you are in crisis, call 911 or 800-273-TALK
  • San Diego Access & Crisis Line: 888-724-7240
  • UCSD Campus Police: 858-534-HELP

Physician Well-Being Committee

This committee is dedicated to recognizing and aiding physicians who are battling substance abuse, physical illness, or mental illness which impairs their ability to practice safely and effectively. Confidentiality will be assured depending upon the severity of the situation and immediate risk to patient safety
Contact Robin Seaberg, MD, Chairman, at (858) 534-8093 (confidential 24/7 voicemail) or email

Other Emotional Well-Being Activities and Resources

  • Health hours: designated monthly time blocks to attend to health needs
  • Mind Studio noon conference series on psychology themes in residency and patient care
  • On campus clinical psychology office hours for residents at RCHSD
  • Weekly mindfulness classes at UCSD Jacobs
  • Participation in the national APPD resident burnout project
  • Mental healthcare provider directory
  • UCSD Center for Mindfulness 

Open Door Policy at Every Level

From the Chief Residents (whose office is intentionally located just down the hall from the main work room at Rady Children’s) to our program directors, we maintain a 24/7/365 open door policy for residents to share ideas, feedback, or concerns! 

Additional Community Resources