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Lab Staff

Ariel Feldstein

Dr. Ariel Feldstein

After medical school at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dr. Feldstein completed his pediatric residency, gastroenterology fellowship and postdoctoral research fellowship in liver pathobiology at the Mayo Clinic in 2004. Before coming to UCSD, he was the Director of Research for the Pediatric Institute at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to serving as Pediatric Gastroenterology Division Chief, he is currently Professor of Pediatrics, at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Feldstein's clinical expertise is centered on the field of pediatric hepatology. He currently follows one of the largest populations of children with fatty liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis and primary sclerosing cholangitis.

Research Interests

Ariel Feldstein, M.D. is regarded as a leading physician scientist in the field of Pediatric Hepatology, having pioneered the development of non-invasive tests for assessing liver damage in patients with liver disease and holds various patents for these markers. Dr. Feldstein's research is focused on dissecting the biochemical pathways of cell death triggers caused by the over-accumulation of fatty acids and other lipids in the liver and other organs, which may play an important role in disease processes such as obesity-associated liver disease (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH), and type 2 diabetes. A second objective of the lab is to better understand the events that link an excessive accumulation of lipids in the liver (steatosis) to liver injury, fibrosis and carcinogenesis.


Aki Eguchi

Aki Eguchi
Project Scientist

Masahiko Tameda

Masahiko Tameda
Postdoctoral Fellow

Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson
Lab Manager / Researcher

Hana Del Pilar

Hana Del Pilar
Research Associate

Theresa Maria Holtmann

Theresa Maria Holtmann
Visiting Scholar (Germany)

Mao Kanazawa

Mao Kanazawa
Visiting Scholar (Japan)

Student Volunteers

Sophia Chen, summer intern from Torrey Pines High School

Mei Fu Lee, recent UCSD grad

Serena Lin, UCSD undergrad 

​​Feldstein Lab Alumni (UCSD)...
where are they now?

Susanne Schuster
  Susanne Schuster​, PhD​   

  Susi is in Leipzig searching for the heart/liver connection

Carolina Jimenez Calvente

Carolina Jimenez Calvente, PhD
Caro is in Geneva deciding which Rolex to buy.

David Kneiber

David "Slappy" Kneiber
UCSD class of 2016.  Off to med school at Washington University in St. Louis...  This guy crushed the MCAT's, if you need some pointers, give him a call.

Davide Povero

Davide Povero, Ph.D. 
Davide is now working for Jecure Therapeutics...  E un amante del gatto.

Alex Wree

​​​Alex Wree, M.D., Ph.D.
Alex is now running his own lab back in Germany and was lucky enough to get Euge to join him.

Fernando Alegre

Fernando "Nando" Alegre
Our Extremeñho compadre has returned to España to continue his studies.


Hirokazu Yamashita
Hiro has returned to medical school in Yokohama and still testing the limits of human caffeine consumption. 


Roia Katebian, M.D.
Roia is in Chicago trying not to freeze to death and hammering through her residency.


Kathryn Smith, M.D.
Liver transplantation fellowship at UCSF and paying $2000 for a studio apartment.


Daphne Say, M.D.
Presently working at UC Davis Medical Center and enjoying the aroma of cows. 

Keaton.jpg Keaton Blazer

Attending Rice university and presumably eating BBQ

Leila Bagheri 
Officially a Cal Golden Bear.

Milos Lazic, Ph.D.
Mighty, mighty Milos is now at Jecure Therapeutics...  he's still a donkey cheese connoisseur.​

Eugenia Inzaugarat​, Ph.D.
Euge is now in Aachen, Germany working in the Wree Lab and discovering snow.

Dimitru Sirbu
In between dodging tornadoes, Dimitry attends the University of Oklahoma in pursuit of a Pharm.D.​

Ryota "Tony" Nakamura
Tony has returned to Japan to continue with ​medical school.  Rumor has it he never sleeps.  

Nadia Panera, Ph.D.
Nadia is back in Rome at Osp. Pediatrico Bambino Gesù​ working as a post-doc.

Lucas​ de Araujo Horcel​​​
Lucas has returned to Brazil to continue his studies and watch the Olympics.

Brian Mak
Off to college...

Andy Bodnar
Andy (a.k.a. Curly) is a UCSD undergrad.


Meaningful collaboration is one of the central tenets of the Feldstein lab ethos. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to apply our knowledge and expertise. If you wish to embark on a scientific collaboration with a dynamic and award-winning laboratory, please contact Casey Johnson, Lab Manager at

We have established collaborations with the following researchers:

Dr. Leon Adams (​University of Western Australia)

Dr. Naim Alkhouri (Cleveland clinic, USA)

Dr. Marco Arrese (Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago, Chile) ​

Dr. Ali Canbay (Essen Uni, Germany)

Dr. Sonia Caprio (Yale Uni​versity, USA)

Dr. Lawrence Goldstein (UCSD)

Dr. Stanley Hazen (Cleveland Clinic, USA)

Dr. Harold Hoffman (UCSD) 

Dr. Michael Karin (UCSD)

Dr. Irina Kirpich (​University of Louisville) 

Dr. Craig McClain (University of Louisville)

Dr. Yukio Nagasaki (Tsukuba University, Japan) 

Dr. Valerio Nobili (Bambin Gesu', Italy)

Dr. Maurizio Parola (Torino Uni, Italy)

Dr. Hemal Patel (UCSD, VA hospital)

Dr. Susan Phillips (UCSD)

Dr. Christopher Ramsden (NIH / NIAAA)

Dr. Dorothy Sears (UCSD) 

Dr. Ekihiro Seki (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center)

Dr. Hidekazu Tsukamoto (USC)

Dr. Vallon Volker (UCSD, VA hospital) 

Dr. Claudia Zein (Cleveland clinic, USA)​