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​Name ​Title ​Institution/
​Website ​Research Description
​Abraham Korol Professor of Genetics
Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology and Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa
Emeritus – The Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology (  Genetics of adaptation
​Alysson Muotri ​Professor of Pediatrics and Cellular & Molecular Medicine ​UCSD Muotri Lab (
Genetics, genomics, and development of human brain organoid methods
​Amir Zarrinpar ​Assistant Professor of Medicine ​UCSD Zarrinpar Lab | UCSD – Welcome to the Zarrinpar Lab at UC San Diego  ​Microbiome
​Andrew Mcculloch ​Distinguished Profesor of Bioengineering, Adjunct Professor of Medicine

​UCSD Andrew McCulloch (  ​Cardiac imaging and cardiac mechanics 
​David Callacondo ​Associate Investigator ​School of Medicine, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Peru David Callacondo - Doctor - SES | LinkedIn  ​Chronic Motion Sickness Project 
​David Traver ​Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
​UCSD Traver Lab, University of California, La Jolla, CA ( 
Erythropoeisis in Zebra fish

​Debashis Sahoo, Ph.D. ​Associate Professor
UCSD BooleanLab (  ​Transcriptome and Boolean analysis
​Emmanuel Theodorakis ​Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
​UCSD ​Organic chemistry
​Francisco Villafuerte  ​Associate Professor of Physiology

​Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

‪Francisco C. Villafuerte‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬ 

Integrative physiology of high altitude adaptation

Gary (​Yuan) Gao ​Leader of the Bioinformatics, Genetics, and Epigenetics Group
​Lieber Institute for Brain Development Maltz Research Laboratories

​EPIC and health care

​Gary Sieck ​Professor of Anesthesiology and Physiology

​Mayo Clinic Overview - Cell and Regenerative Physiology Laboratory - Mayo Clinic Research 
Muscle physiology and biology

​Jason X-J Yuan ​Professor of Medicine

​UCSD Jason Yuan Lab - UC San Diego Health Sciences (
Vascular and lung biology

​Jonathan Lin ​Professor of Pathology and Ophthalmology
​Stanford University

Cell signalling

​Joseph L. Witztum ​Professor of Medicine

​UCSD Joseph L Witztum - Faculty - Division of Endocrinology at UC San Diego School of Medicine ( ​Atherosclerosis

​Kelly Frazer ​Professor of Pediatrics

​UCSD Genome Information Sciences (  ​Cardiomyocytes and iPSCs

​Kevin P. White ​Professor of Biochemistry and Precision Medicine

​National University of Singapore

Kevin White - Department of Biochemistry – School of Medicine, National University of Singapore | Department of Biochemistry – School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (  ​Genomics and cancer

​Larry Fliegel ​Professor and Associate Chair of Biochemistry
​University of Alberta, Canada
Larry Fliegel | Home (  ​Sodium-hydrogen exchange

​Lars Eckmann ​Professor of Medicine
​UCSD ​Microbiome and cardiac transcriptome
​Manuela Raffatellu  ​Professor of Pediatrics ​UCSD ​Microbiome

​Mark Ellisman ​Professor of Neurosciences ​UCSD ​Culture structure imaging
​Mark Mercola  ​Professor of Medicine
​Stanford University

Mercola Lab | Mercola Laboratory | Stanford Medicine  ​Cardiac development and miRs
​Michael Karin ​Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology ​UCSD Michael Karin | UCSD Profiles  ​Cell signalling and NF-kB in hypoxia
​Nicholas J. Schork  ​Professor of Molecular & Experimental Medicine, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Biostatistics ​Scripps Translational Science Institute, UCSD

Nicholas Schork, Ph.D. (  ​Statistical genetics

​Otto Appenzeller ​Professor Emeritus ​University of New Mexico ​Physiology of high altitude
​Pedro Cabrales, Ph.D.  ​Professor
​UCSD Cabrales Lab (  ​Integrated physiology of hypoxia

​Pieter Dorrestein  ​Professor of Pediatrics and Pharmacology
​UCSD The Dorrestein Lab - UCSD  ​Metabolomics

​Rob Knight  ​Professor of Pediatrics, Affiliate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering ​UCSD ​Microbiome

​Sarkis Mazmanian ​Professor of Microbiology
​CalTech Sarkis Mazmanian Lab ( 
​Shankar Subramaniam ​Professor of Bioengineering

​UCSD Subramaniam Lab – Systems Biology & Systems Medicine (  ​RNA biology, methods, and metabolism
​Siqi Liu  ​Chairman and Supervisor of BGI Group
Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Leadership-BGI Group Official Website (  ​Metabolome and mass-spec
​Tariq Rana  ​Professor of Pediatrics

Cell signalling, immunology, and cancer
​Victor Nizet ​Distingjuished Professor of Pediatrics
​UCSD Nizet Lab: Bacterial Pathogenesis & Innate Immunity Research ( 
Host-microbe interactions and virulents
​Vineet Bafna  ​Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
​UCSD Vineet Bafna ( 
Genomics and development of genomic methods
​William Mobley  ​Professor of Neurosciences
​UCSD Mobley Lab - Neurosciences (  ​Dementia and Down's syndrome