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Research Training

Year 1

At the beginning of their first year, fellows are asked to articulate an area of research interest.  They are assisted in setting up meetings with potential research mentors in areas of interest.  Fellows meet at least twice with their chosen research mentor during their first year of fellowship to determine their primary research question(s) and develop a plan for data acquisition and analysis. 

Year 2

By September of the second year of fellowship, each fellow will have chosen a research mentor and have written a 1-page research prospectus.   Senior fellows spend 75 - 80% of their time working on their scholarly projects.  Fellows meet a minimum of four times per year with their research mentor during their two years of scholarly training. 

Year 3

Fellows continue to meet biannually with the program director to report their research progress. Supervision is provided primarily by the research mentor, and secondarily by the program director.  All research activities are reviewed by the Scholarship Oversight Committee throughout fellowship.