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Fellowship & Education

Residents and Medical Students

Education is a core mission of the division. Rotating through our program are residents from programs in Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, and Family Medicine located in San Diego and beyond. Residents are trained to recognize and stabilize sick and injured children. Medical students from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) rotate with us. Dr. Ashley Metcalf directs our medical student rotation and Dr. Shannon Wai and Dr. Kristy Shcwartz direct resident education. Members of our faculty provide bedside teaching and instruction in basic procedures such as suturing or lumbar punctures. The fourth-year UCSD medical student rotation is one of the most popular selections among students interested in pediatrics or emergency medicine. 

The Division participates with UCSD in using a state of the art, computer programmed resuscitation model for teaching residents and medical students. We are presently gearing up to start an in-house simulation program for students.


The Division of Emergency Medicine runs an ACGME-accredited two- to three-year fellowship program in pediatric emergency medicine. Currently, there are six fellows in training. Paul Ishimine, MD is the Fellowship Director. Training future pediatric emergency medicine physicians is a key priority of the department to help meet this need. There are only four other similar training programs in California. 


Drs. Ishimine and Shah host Pediatric Emergency Medicine conferences annually that have drawn audiences from around the county. Faculty members have been asked to and continue to provide lectures both within and outside the confines of the university. Several members have also published articles in public news magazines that are directed at educating the public.