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The fellowship program takes advantage of training opportunities both with RCHSD and at our affiliated training institutions, but the bulk of the fellow's training will occur in the RCHSD ED. 

The training program adheres to the ACGME principles of graduated responsibility. As allowed by the fellow's individual progress, the fellow will be expected to be involved in patient care, management of patient flow, participation in all resuscitations and management of complicated patients, and supervision residents and medical students rotating through the emergency department. 


Required meetings take place on the first and second Wednesdays, as well as the third Tuesdays and third Fridays of each month.  Fellows will be expected to attend meetings during all of their pediatric emergency medicine months, and the fellows have protected time to attend the first and second Wednesday conferences during most of their off-service rotations. 

Scholarly Activity

All fellows, regardless of training background, will be required to participate in meaningful scholarly activity in order to complete their training, as outlined in the Scholarly Activity requirements  of the American Board of Pediatrics.  Regular monthly research meetings are held with faculty to discuss, plan and organize research projects.  The fellow will work most closely with his/her research mentor, but additional oversight will be provided by the Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC).  The fellow will provide quarterly updates to the SOC.  Additionally, the fellow will be expected to participate in division and hospital quality improvement projects.


Central to the development of the expert in pediatric emergency medicine is the development of the ability to communicate that expertise to health care providers of varying degrees of experience.  Teaching will range from the informal setting of bedside instruction in the ED to formal didactic presentations.  Fellows will be responsible for monthly case conferences as well as noon lectures, mock codes, and participation in didactic conferences for the various residencies around San Diego. In addition, fellows are encouraged to give presentations at regional and national conferences.  The fellow will present at San Diego Regional Pediatric Emergency Medicine Conference.